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Voice Dialogue

If you keep doubting, nothing will change!

Voice Dialogue allows you to choose consciously.

Eleanor Abbott Vrijbroekpark Mechelen

For the moment you are confronted with conflicting self-interests. You are tired and longing for rest, but also wanting to be able to keep going. No one should know better what would do you good right now than you . What makes it so difficult for you to just do it?

Voice Dialogue considers that every personality consists of an unspeakably rich range of different Selves or sub-personalities. During a Voice Dialogue session you can discover which of these many Selves are active and which are in control. Take the perfectionist, the pusher, the critic or the procrstinator, for example!


Within you two Selves are currently hard at work: the one that pushes you to keep going - work, work, or you'll get into trouble. But another Self also wants to be heard. Maybe you hear her slightly and perhaps her voice is getting louder and louder, letting you know that you urgently need to rest!

The Voice Dialogue method can help you to become aware of the different Selves that are running your life, to experience them and to learn to integrate them your life in a conscious way.

The better you get to know all your Selves, the more insight you gain into your functioning.

Your selves determine whether you realize your full potential.

Learn how your Selves determine how you see the world, control your behavior and influence your choices. Most of us live a much more limited life than is necessary. Learn to be more than just one of your Selves.


Your relationships are controlled by these selves.

Discover how the difficulties in your relationships at work or in your private life can be the source of change, of more control over your life and behavior, more connection and joy.


Dreams - guidance from within.

Activate your "inner teacher". As you learn about and disconnect from your Selves, your own source of deep wisdom becomes available to you through dreams. Learning to understand your dreams and daydreams offers objective and steady guidance that is especially valuable in uncertain times.


Illness as a teacher.

Voice Dialogue also offers a remarkable way to approach physical ailments and illness and to search for their meaning. Life destabilizes us in many ways. We can easily fall victim to these ongoing changes or we can recognize that any destabilisation is an opportunity to learn and make new discoveries.


In a Voice Dialogue session you learn to look at your Selves from an overarching position, without judgment. You literally give a physical place to a Self and you discover what its qualities are, when it came into your life, why it came and how it protects your vulnerability. In short, it is a fascinating inner journey where you will be amazed by the unique life story of each of your Selves.


The better we get to know all our Selves, the more insight we gain into our functioning. Not only does our self-knowledge increase, but it also gives us the opportunity to deal with life and the situations we face in other ways. After all, Voice Dialogue not only teaches us to look at our different Selves from an overarching position, it also offers the opportunity to tap into different Selves from the “middle”. This dynamic process allows us to move away from automatisms and prevent our lives from being controlled by the Selves. We are able to make conscious choices.


By making conscious choices, you can protect your needs more efficiently and you can feel more empowered in the decisions you make.

The Voice Dialogue method has its roots in Jungian ideology, but also includes aspects of Psychodrama, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Client-centered Therapy and Mindfulness. Voice Dialogue is not a therapy but a therapeutic method that leads to intensive awareness-raising experiences in both psychotherapeutic processes and coaching programmes.

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