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Personal support to find the rest you deserve and the energy you need to live & work full out!

Eleanor Abbott Relaxing

You're feeling tired and unwell, but unable to let go of your work.

You can't keep going, because you're running out of energy!

High time to balance your priorities and your energy, so that persevering does not cost you your health!



It's all getting too much. You can no longer handle the ongoing pressure of your responsibilities! You feel run down, worn out and unwell, and you're thinking: I need help! I can't handle this anymore! Facing the deadlines, the pressure, the lack of clarity and unpredictability of the changes at work is becoming increasingly difficult.


You're not sleeping well. You wake up way too early and see a hundred and one things coming your way, meeting after meeting and no time to get things done properly before the next meeting. You get up in the morning feeling drowsy and you drag yourself through the day longing to sleep.


You keep pushing yourself. You're hoping for a moment to catch your breath, but you're waiting in vain. You work late in the evenings (often also at the weekend) to finish budgets, status reports and presentations and to keep on top of your mailbox, your to-do list and that of your team, to meet all the requirements and especially to avoid missing a deadline. Being absent from work to take a break is not an option. You can't stand the thought that decisions impacting your role and your projects are made without you. Things have to keep moving.


You feel confused. You don't know where to start, which task to tackle next, and that isn't like you at all. You're worried that you are losing track of your todos and commitments. Someone recently asked you something while you were rushing by, but you don't remember who it was or what they wanted.


Your body is protesting. Your shoulders and neck are stiff and you feel all tense. You're struggling with muscle, joint, head or stomach pain and you have been experiencing palpitations.


You wish you had the courage to talk to someone. But you're concerned that what you're going through means that you can't handle your responsibilities, that your job will be passed on to someone else and that you will be put on some irrelevant task or, worse, end up on the next wave of redundancies.


You know that you're pushing your limits. But you can't get to grips with your situation. That little voice in your head that says you're urgently in need of some rest bothers you. That's what makes your heart start to race. It's that you know you have to choose! Chances are, if you don't listen, your deepest fears will come true. You'll get ill or end up with a burnout. Then things will come to a grinding halt. No job, no career, no more control over your projects, your body and your life.



You know when to keep going and when to rest.

You understand exactly what you need and how to take care of it yourself.

You confidently choose for you, regardless of other's expectations.

You rest and relax and this has a positive impact on your work.

You feel mentally stronger, more energetic and focused on your activities.

Despite all the chaos and business you stay calm and relaxed!

You don't have to give up what is important to you.

This is possible if you choose personal 1-1 coaching with me!


Choose consciously.

Put your needs first.

Regain the positive energy you need to do what you want.


This programme consists of 8 sessions spread over three months*.

4 weekly appointments of 1.5h in the first month,

+ 4 sessions of 1.5h spread over 2 months.

These take place online or in my practice in Mechelen, as you wish.

Yes,  I'm tired!

Yes, I want more energy!

*This journey is personalised, because you are unique. I don't like someone thinking they know what I need without hearing me and I know the same is true for you. I promise you that if you set to work with what I share with you, you will find the rest that you so desperately long for! I also promise you that if you keep doing what you are doing now, you will eventually come to a grinding halt!

*Coaching methods: Coaching conversations, body-oriented and breathing exercises,

mindfulness, creative methods.

Choose consciously

If you keep doubting, nothing will change! I will help you understand what your body is telling you, so that you can choose consciously. After all, nobody knows better than you what you really need right now.


your needs

Learn to stand up for your needs in a way that builds closeness in your relationships by inviting understanding and support.

(And between you and me, does it really matter what others think? Now you are important!)

Relax and sleep

The key to being able to rest is LETTING GO!

By dealing with your sleep saboteurs, you will finally enjoy the rest you deserve and experience the energy you crave so much.

Regain energy 

Experience how your thoughts and feelings influence your mood and your energy and learn how you can regulate this. Together we'll also make a plan that includes healthy food choices and the right portion of exercise to support your recovery.

Severe fatigue can be the symptom of a variety of illnesses and should therefore be taken seriously.

As a coach I never make diagnoses. In case of complaints, you should always first seek advice from your general practitioner or the company doctor. He/she will rule out medical causes, will make the diagnosis and set out a treatment plan.

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