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Radical Collaboration

Learn how to build longterm successful relationships and collaborative environments for less stress and higher efficiency.

Professionally we are continuously challenged to be open to change. Yet when people experience that things are going on that impact them or that they don't agree with, they either get passive and withdraw or they get offensive. In both situations they avoid their uncomfortable feelings and what they would really like to say or do. 


Consequently, people spend much energy and attention solving or avoiding misunderstandings and conflict instead of achieving the goals they have set themselves for their life or work. This results in a tremendous amount of stress for the individual. The effect of this ineffective behaviour in organisations is that the their strategy or goals are not achieved.

During this 3-day, highly interactive workshop teams learn five essential skills they can immediately apply in order to build constructive, productive, collaborative relationships. The methodology leads to the creation of an environment with more trust, openness and problem-solving initiative.

Because my priority is to invest in team-dynamics, I currently only offer this programme on an in-house basis, for teams up to 10 pers.

Click here to learn more about Radical Collaboration®.

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